5 stars for the All-Clad stainless steel cookware

I use the All Clad 10″ and 12″ Tri-Ply Frying Pans frequently for a variety of cooking, braising and browning. I gave up on non-stick because it doesn’t last very long and it also is reported to release teflon into the food. So, my comments on All-Clad are to address some of the issues that I find among the reviews. The purpose of this technology is to provide even, efficient heat. Given that, the amount of heat I find that is best delivered to the pan, is provided by a low medium setting on a gas flame (3.5 out of 10). The conduction properties of the pan will dictate that the heat also conducts on all sides of the pan, so it is reasonable to expect that food splattered onto the sides of the pan will cook and maybe even stick, making it more problematic to clean, compared to a non-stick pan. After cooking, I set the pan aside with 1″ of water and a mild detergent to soak for about 15 minutes and then wipe it with warm water, using a small dish cloth and it comes clean in most cases. If necessary, I finish the cleaning with a small amount of Barkeeper’s Friend to get the most stubborn baked-on food off the sides and bottom.

So far, I have not experienced staining of the pans, nor burning, which I attribute to the use of low, moderate heat. I gave the product 4 stars, because I think the handles could be more comfortable. Since it’s “Professional” cookware, I assume that All-Clad has a reason for the handle design, but I can’t think of why it can’t be a better fit for my hand. Also, I am somewhat xenophobic about manufactured products, so if it’s good and U.S. manufactured, I prefer it to other products. It’s also a bit pricey, but for me, at least, quality determines value, so I pay the price and cringe a little. I expect it to last a long time if I take care to follow the manufacturer’s directions for use and cleaning, so the price issue fades after I use it a few times.

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