What is a stainless steel cookware

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Before you decide whether stainless steel cookware is worth buying, lets first discuss what stainless steel cookware is. Stainless steel is made of an alloy, or a combination of metals. Most commonly, basic iron with chromium, nickel or some other minor metals. The chromium provides rust protection and gives your cookware durability. The nickel provides rust protection as well, and adds a polished look. Most well made stainless steel cookware has copper or aluminum added to the bottom of the pan or pot. This is done to increases the ability of the pot or pan to conduct heat. With all cookware there are different grades levels, ranging from low to high. Each person has different cooking needs, so its up to the individual to determine whether they want to spend more for higher quality cookware.

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 Advantages of Stainless Steel
  • Extremely durable – might never have to replace
  • Smooth hard non-porous surface – reduces the chance of dents, cracks or leaks
  • Cleans easy – can be cleaned using several different kinds of methods
  • Looks – provides rich shine when cleaned and polished after use

Disadvantages of Stainless Steel

  • Poor heat conductor – pots and pans have to be coated with copper or aluminum to improve cooking time and surface
  • High cost – if your on a budget, a good set of stainless steel cookware can get pricey
  • Discolor – the outside of the pots or pans can discolor if exposed to very high heat
  • Salt exposure – salt water can damage the pots or pans by causing pitting

Should I Buy Stainless Steel Cookware?

For many cooking enthusiast, it’s a great addition to the kitchen. For others, teflon, aluminum or cast iron may be a better choice. When choosing your cookware look at the pros and cons to determine what works best for you. Which ever choice you decide to make, I hope it brings an enjoyable cooking experience!

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